Ordering in bulk makes it less expensive for us to buy stock and process orders. We can then pass these savings on to our customers.

If you have a particular product that you purchase in large quantities then indent ordering can save you money. ID Clothing can also arrange for part delivery (and invoicing) of your order with the balance held in our warehouse until you require it. We set the terms and time frame for the delivery of the balance of the order so you get the cost savings without having to pay for everything up front.


  • Bulk purchasing saves you money
  • Supply of product is guaranteed as the balance of stock is held in our warehouse exclusively for you
  • You only pay for stock as you take delivery


  • You commit to taking the entire order within a set time frame
  • If you change to a different product later you must still purchase the balance of the order

More Information

For more information on a service to suit you, please contact our sales team on 1300 698 003 or send your request to Email: sales@idclothing.com.au. One of out team members will contact you shortly

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